US to expands ban on Huawei in 2020

The US is working to expand the ban on Huawei in 2020. Bloomberg reported that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross revealed to that the government is working on new rules aimed to deny even more US-relat

A Yemeni student files a complaint with King of Morocco

The Yemeni student, Mokbel Amer Mokbel Hassan, filed a complaint with His Majesty King Mohammed bin Hassan II, King of the Kingdom of Morocco, because of his fall in the first year of the institute

First case of coronavirus is reported in US

The first case of coronavirus has been reported in the United States by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention registering a case in Seattle, Washington.The virus, which was first spotted in

Sheba Queen painting dating to 17 century in Ethiopian church

The Queen of Sheba is an enigmatic figure found in all three of the Abrahamic faiths, i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In addition to her presence in these three religions, the Queen plays an i

Reports: Huawei ditches Google Maps, hits deal with TomTom

Media reports revealed that Huawei Technologies has partnered with Dutch mapping and navigation firm TomTom to use the latter's services on smartphone apps. The deal had not been publicised but was

New mobile chief in Samsung as Huawei chips away at market share

Reuters news agency reported that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Monday named its youngest president as its new smartphone chief as the firm seeks to defend its lead in the handset market from rising

Storms and floods block roads in fire-stricken areas in Australia

Thunderstorms and floods that hit parts of Australia's east coast early Saturday led to road closures and power cuts, but the country is still fighting nearly 100 forest fires.Major highways in Quee

More than 162,000 people displaced in Philippines amid warnings of volcanic eruption

More than 162,000 people have been displaced from their homes by a volcano eruption in the Philippines, where scientists today warn that the threat of a dangerous volcanic eruption remains, despite

New cases of pneumonia due to outbreak of Corona virus in China

Chinese health authorities announced today, Saturday, the discovery of four new cases of pneumonia after the outbreak of what is believed to be a new strain of the Corona virus in the central city o

A 2nd person dies in China as result of new virus outbreak

A second person died of pneumonia in central China's Wuhan city after an outbreak of an previously unknown virus. Local health authorities said that the 69-year-old man was hospitalized with impair

Rainfall helps slow forest fires in Australia

The rains helped slow forest fires in some of the worst affected areas in two Australian states. The rural firefighting services said that these rains will contribute to slowing down the fires sign

Huawei launches new platform to rival Google, Microsoft

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies revealed its strategy to help businesses in the UK and Ireland increase users and build revenues at its Developer Day Conference in London on Thursday, rep

Qatari measure removes exit visas for hundreds of thousands of domestic workers

The Qatari Government said in statment on Thursday it had scrapped restrictions on leaving the country for nearly all migrant workers as part of reforms answering accusations of exploitation especia

Thwarting smuggling of tigers from Yemen to Saudi Arabia

Smugglers used a trick to smuggle tigers from Yemen to Saudi Arabia. The security forces arrested a number of unidentified smugglers, east of Jizan region in the south of the kingdom, who tried to

Officials: At least 67 killed by avalanches in Pakistan, India

According to senior government officials Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday that at least 57 people were killed and others were missing after avalanches in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir over the

New Zealand sky turns dark due to Australia bushfires

The sky of New Zealand has turned orange, dark and gloomy as smoke from Australian bushfires travelled across the sea. tralia is currently experiencing the worst bushfires ever seen. 24 human casua

WhatsApp service announces to Suspend Services on Certain Devices in 2020

  اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The WhatsApp service announced in a statement that users of certain types of tools will not be able to use the application starting

North Korea-linked hackers stole sensitive information: Microsoft

Reuters news agency reported that Microsoft Corp said on Monday it has taken control of web domains which were used by a hacking group called “Thallium” to steal information. Thallium i