As affirmed his commitment to Hadi's legitimacy and his refusal to negotiate under threat despite his expulsion of "legitimate" forces from Aden

Southern Transition mocks coalitio's threats, urges his supporters to be patient in face of difficult days ahead

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2019-08-12 | Since 4 Month

 Hani Ben Borik Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council - Archive

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The United Arab Emirates-backed separatist southern transitional council on Sunday ridiculed threats from the leadership of the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen on Saturday.

Politicians and social network activists circulated a video showing the deputy chairman of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani Ben Brik, making fun of the coalition's threats while delivering the Eid al-Adha prayer sermon Sunday morning in a mosque in Aden. The southern forces of the recent events that took place in the southern port city of Yemen.

Ben Borik tweeted: "President Aidrous al-Zubaidi, Chairman of the Transitional Council, the commander of the southern forces, offer worshipers for Eid prayers and his deputy, Hani bin Borik, addressing the worshipers. 

In the sermon, he explained the position of the transitional and southern forces on the events and stressed the stability and non-negotiation under of the threat, and stressed the commitment to the legitimacy of Hadi and stand by the coalition.

In the video, the deputy chairman of the Southern Transitional Council, wearing a military uniform, addresses the worshipers, mocking the coalition's threats. Houthi held up five years and he is the worst of God's creation and holds only the doctrine of the Wali al-Faqih in Iran, but we have a doctrine that we redeem with our lives and blood.

He swore, "No one will threaten us, no one will threaten us." in a reference to the threats of the leadership of the Arab coalition forces to strike the southern transitional forces if they do not withdraw from the positions, camps and presidential palace in the city of Aden, which his forces seized on Saturday after four days of battles against the forces of the Yemeni government "legitimate".

The deputy head of the southern transition warned his supporters of difficult days in the coming days, in reference to what may be exposed to the Council and the city of Aden because of its rejection of calls and threats of the Arab Alliance.

Bin Borik, who is close to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, has urged patrons of the Southern Transition to be patient, saying:

"Our people have to listen, be patient for all the suffering. We will have difficult days and rally around the leadership as we have entrusted to us. We will be starved and all means will be cut off.

What is striking in the speech of the Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, the contradiction that appeared in his speeches and actions, while affirming the Council's commitment to "the legitimacy of Hadi and stand by the coalition", his forces are fighting the forces of President Hadi of the legitimacy and expelled from Aden, the Council also rejects the threats and calls of the coalition .

Coalition Threats

This official response comes from the Southern Transition to the Arab Alliance, hours after the leadership of the Saudi-led coalition called the armed separatist Southern Transitional Council withdrew its forces from positions taken over the past few days in Aden and without prejudice to public and private property.

According tothe official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) late on Saturday evening, Col. Turki al-Maliki said in a statement that the Arab coalition demanded Immediately cease fire in the city of Aden, starts at 1:00 am on Sunday.

The coalition leadership threatened, through its spokesperson, that it would "use military force against anyone who violates this."

Maliki said: "The Coalition Joint Forces Command "calls on all military components and formations of the transitional and security belt forces to immediately return to their positions and withdraw from positions taken over the past days, and not to prejudice public and private property."

A quarter of an hour after the coalition spokesman said, Saudi Arabia, the parties to the fighting in Aden, has called for an urgent meeting in the kingdom.

A Saudi Foreign Ministry source said late on Saturday evening: "The Kingdom has followed with great concern the development of events in the interim Yemeni capital of Aden.

The source stated that the meeting is aimed at "discussing differences, giving rise to wisdom and dialogue, renouncing division, stopping sedition and uniting ranks, to confront the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia and other terrorist organizations, restore the state and return Yemen to a stable and secure country."

The source did not say the exact date or venue of the meeting.

The coalition begins implementing its threats

The Saudi-led Arab coalition carried out its first threats on Sunday.

Coalition warplanes launched air strikes as "warning" followers against the UAE-backed separatist South Transitional Council in Aden, southern Yemen, after they took control of the presidential palace and all internationally recognized "legitimate" government camps.

A local source in Aden said that the Coalition warplanes launched three air strikes on the presidential palace in the Ma'asheeq area and a camp belonging to government forces in the Jabal Hadid area of Aden.

The source told Debriefer International news agency, that the strikes targeted empty places inside the presidential palace and camp, but the Southern Transition Forces fled the palace and camp before returning to them a few minutes after coalition warplanes left.

For his part, Saudi state TV cited a coalition statement, that his warplanes "striked an area that posed a direct threat to an important position of the legitimate government of Yemen."

The coalition has threatened with more air strikes if the southern transition forces do not heed their demands to withdraw from positions they have held in recent days.

The statement said: "This will be the first operation and followed by another operation in the absence of compliance with the statement of coalition forces," adding: "There is still an opportunity for the Transitional Council to withdraw immediately."

Early Sunday morning, the United Arab Emirates-backed Southern Transitional Council has announced its commitment to a ceasefire in Aden at the request of the Saudi-led Arab coalition leadership, but subject to the withdrawal of its forces from positions it has held in recent days, the outcome of a forthcoming dialogue being embraced by the kingdom.

Nizar Haitham, a spokesman for the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, tweeted: “In response to the statement of the leadership of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, the Southern Transitional Council affirms its full commitment to the ceasefire, and welcomes the invitation and readiness of the brothers in Saudi Arabia for dialogue.”

On the withdrawal of the Southern Transitional Forces from the positions they held, source close to the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council revealed to Debriefer news agency that the leadership of the Council refused to withdraw its forces and pledged that this would result in the forthcoming dialogue called for by Riyadh in an "urgent" manner.

In practice, the shooting has basically ceased since before the request of the leadership of the Arab coalition forces to support legitimacy, after the southern transition forces on Saturday evening tightened control over the entire iterim capital Aden.

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