Clashes between "legitimate" government forces and STC in Abyan south Yemen

Abyan (Debriefer)
2019-08-20 | Since 6 Month

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Armed clashes broke out on Tuesday between the security belt forces of UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council and the Yemen's internationally recognized Yemeni government special security forces in the southern province of Abyan.

Local sources said fierce clashes involving heavy and light weapons have been taking place between security belt and special forces. The former imposed a siege on the Special Forces camp from all directions.

The Minister of Information in the internationally recognized government, Muammar al-Eryani stated in a series of tweets followed by Debriefer News Agency, that the security belt forces besieged the Special Forces camp in the capital of Abyan province and demanded that it surrender or storm the camp.

He considered the siege of the "security belt" of the Special Forces Camp "a

defiance against Saudi Arabia and rejected its calls made for calm and dialogue and the prevailing voice of reason and wisdom"

Minister of Information in the "legitimate" government denounced "this dangerous escalation by the STC and the efforts to blow up the situation in the province of Abyan, which came after a formal withdrawal from some government positions in Aden,".

He warned of what he called "acts of rebellion and chaos in the liberated areas serving the Houthis and Tehran", stressing "the STC in the coup against the legitimate government and obstruct the efforts of Saudi Arabia to contain the events witnessed in the province of Aden

Al-Eryani called those who called them as brothers (without naming them) to "quickly intervene and pressure the STC to stop the escalation and withdraw all its elements."

On August 10, Riyadh called for immediate dialogue in the kingdom after the Emirati-backed STC's forces had seized full control over the Yemeni southern port city of Aden, seat of the official government, following violent clashes with official army that left 40 people killed and 260 others injured, according to UN release seizure of Aden.

Saudi Arabia, along with UAE, has been leading a military coalition in Yemen since 26 March 2015, in support of forces loyal to President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to retake northern areas controlled by Houthi group (Ansar Allah).

Southern separatists have exploited Yemen's war to enhance their presence, backed by the UAE that helped establishment of STC in May 2017 to consist of Yemeni southern bodies calling for separation, but also trained and armed local forces under STC command.

The STC claims to be representative for Yemeni southerners and seeks to impose control over all the south, but it is not fully supported by people there.


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