A demonstration in Taiz city  against local authority

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2019-10-27 | Since 4 Month

It seems that the revolt against all "authorities" will not stop in the central YemenTaiz city , unless a mass dismissal of civilian and military leaders which described by the protesters as corrupt.

The demonstrations, which came out on Saturday morning, under the slogan "Enough silence", and called for it the youth "independent"  through the platforms of "social networking", announced that it is ongoing until their goals are achieved, they said that "the stone of the revolution is calling for the civil state .. State of law and order that Do not favor anyone and do not take sides. "

On Saturday the city of Taiz, central of Yemen, witnessed a mass demonstrations against the corruption and the deterioration of services and insecurity, and to demand the dismissal of the leaders of the local authority and security in the province.

The mass demonstrations, called by a group of journalists, media and non-partisan activists, began from the Awadi tour ,in the center of the city, in front of the Temporary provincial headquarters of the province.

The demonstrators chanted slogans expressing their anger at the corruption of local and military authorities.

Demonstrators carried banners with slogans denouncing corruption in the state institutions and looting government revenues, calling for an end to partisan quotas as it is  the main gateway to the persistence of corruption, disruption of institutions, and lack of services.

A number of demonstrators said that their demands are known and Summarized in the change of all civilian and military leaders, stressing that "there is no good will come from a corrupt elite" .. and called for the replacement of those leaders with ", qualified and fair young people.

These demonstrations came after the demonstrations of wounded people and cleaners in Taiz city last week, which lasted four days, during which security forces dispersed the gatherings of cleaners by force.

The wounded called to hold  accountable the corrupt as they have denied them of treatment, and the cleaners demanded  to raise their wages and to disbursed them monthly because they live in a very hard human suffering.

Yemeni journalist and Caricature painter Rashad al-Sami, a prominent proponent of the protests in Taiz, wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday noon about the committee preparing for the protest marches which were announced since Friday evening.

Al-Sami said: "We, in the beginning of the revolution to uproot the corrupt from the government in the province, firmly believe that the revolutions do not need committees and are not limited to people," adding " "Only the street leads the revolution, and we are a part of it."

He also confirmed " our goal is clear and public, and is to see Taiz liberated, stable and secure, every  citizen get his rights and receive the necessary services without discrimination or prejudice."

Unknown parties have tried, since Friday, to jam the demonstrators by many means, including questioning the callers of the demonstrations.

"Al-Sami  said that "the work of all the free and loving cituzens to Taiz is ongoing , interrupted only by the interruption of corruption.

Pointing  out that today's demonstrations are "the nucleus of the revolutions of truth, and the nucleus of the civil state." .


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