7 wounded in clashes between gov.t forces and security belt in Abyan, Ben Borik vows military response

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2019-10-31 | Since 8 Month


اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Ttransitional council vice-president Hani Ben Borik tweeted on Thursday evening: "The world is looking at the response of the Saudi-led coalition to the movement of al-Qaida 's secular groups in Abyan."

He added: "This move coincided with the movement of the Houthis in the front of the Dalea can not be a coincidence, confirming their readiness for military action," stressing that "the southern people are ready for all possibilities."

In addition, three Yemeni government forces and four gunmen from the security belt established by the UAE were injured on Thursday noon in armed clashes between the two parties west of the city of Ahwar in the province of Abyan, southeast of Yemen.

Military sources said that "The clashes took place after the deployment of government forces in the center of the city of Ahwar with the aim of strengthening its military presence along the coastal road leading to the Directorate of Shakra after the withdrawal of gunmen from the security belt."

The sources confirmed that the security belt gunmen ambushed the government military forces were on their way to the city of Ahwar coming from the Directorate of Shakra to accompany another force coming from the province of Shabwa, southeast of Yemen.

Media sources quoted sources close to the Yemeni government that the Riyadh agreement, which was to be signed on Thursday between the legitimate government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, has been "postponed indefinitely".




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