Houthis say 8000 Sudanese troops killed, injured in Yemen

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2019-11-02 | Since 8 Month

Yahiya Sari'e

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

More than eight thousand Sudanese troops have been killed or injured in Yemen's war, the Houthi military spokesman claimed at a press conference Saturday in Sana'a.

"In the south, Taiz and the western coast, more than 2,049 Sudanese troops have been killed until last month," Yahiya Sari'e told reporters, as the number of "Sudanese soldiers killed in all fronts has totaled 4,253."

In the years of 2015 and 2016, 850 Sudanese were killed, the Houthi spokesman said.

The group has located the Sudanese forces' sites, Sari'e added, noting that "the 5,000-man fifth decisive brigade is positioned in al-Khawba, and the sixth brigade in Samita.

"In Majaza, 2,000 Sudanese troops are stationed, and in Seqam there is a battalion of 600 man.

"In the western coast, six Sudanese brigades are positioned.. three of which, containing 6,000 soldiers and officers, have been deported.

"In Aden and Lahj, there are 1,000 soldiers and officers deployed in Ras Abbas, Aden Airport and Anad Airbase," he said.

The Houthi officer displayed certificates of Sudanese captives and photos of bodies left in deserts.

During the last two years, "Sudanese troops committed crimes and violations, including rapes, in addition to pushing children to the war."

"There are Sudanese brigades positioned in fronts at borders, under Saudi supervision, and others in the south and western coast under Emirati supervision," Sari'e said.

"While it treats them as mercenaries, the coalition doesn't treat Sudanese troops in the same way as the mercenaries of the western security company," he added, vowing to take "serious steps to force" those still fighting with the coalition to leave Yemen.

While "all the Sudanese prisoners have been treated humanely, in accordance with religion and morals, troops still deployed in Yemen are legitimate targets," the Houthi spokesman said.

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