UN envoy to arrive in Aden Wednesday

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2018-06-26 | Since 1 Year

 Martin Griffiths

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 The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, will arrive in Aden on Wednesday,sources told Debriefer on Tuesday.

He will meet President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to discuss the possibility to stop an offensive to recapture Hodeidah city from the Houthis Hadi's government with support from the Saudi-led coalition launched two weeks ago, the sources said.

The government and coalition forces have advanced over the Houthis in the city and are pushing toward the Hodeidah seaport. The government and the coalition accuse the Houthis of using the seaport for smuggling Iranian weapons including ballistic missiles.

The Houthis have been controlling the city since they ousted the internationally recognized government of Hadi in late 2014.  

But the UN and international organizations are warning the offensive could cost hundreds of thousands of lives and disrupt the only lifeline for millions in famine-struck Yemen.

In addition, the UN envoy will discuss with Hadi details of hi plan for resuming negotiations, the sources said, adding that Griffiths will also meet with political and civil society organizations in the south.

"I am encouraged by the constructive engagement of the Ansar Allah leadership in Sana’a and I look forward to my upcoming meetings with President Hadi and the Government of Yemen. I am confident that we can reach an agreement to avert any escalation of violence in Hodeidah," Griffiths said in a statement on Thursday.

I reiterate the commitment of the United Nations to reach a negotiated political settlement to end the conflict in Yemen, he added.

Earlier, Debriefer revealed some details of Griffiths' plan to resume the political process which included forming a presidential council and appointing a new vice president to whom Hadi will transfer his powers.

On Monday, Griffiths briefed foreign ministers of the EU on his plan. The EU assured Griffiths it is backing his efforts and that it will increase its engagement in Yemen either through providing more support to the political process or humanitarian operations.


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