Houthi says senior officials involved in looting aid supplies

Sana'a (Debrefer)
2020-02-14 | Since 2 Week

Yahiya al-Houthi

Brother of the Houthi leader on Wednesday sharply criticized the group, surprising its other leaders.
There are tensions between the Houthi Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) and humanitarian agencies, the group-appointed Education Minister Yahiya al-Houthi added in a statement carried by his ministry's website.
The Houthi minister accused SCMCHA's secretary-general (Abdul Muhsin Taoos) and director of the office of the Houthi Supreme Political Council's chairman (Ahmed Hamid) of abusing the humanitarian assistances provided by international agencies.
The UN's World Food Program has sent to minister letters unveiling the theft of 2,550 bags of lentils from the WFP's warehouses in Abs district, in the western governorate of Hajjah, Houthi said.
"I've made calls with some officials there, who showed interest, but we've seen no result. I've suggested [the formation of] a committee to probe the issue so that, if the claim is true, authorities in charge should punish the thieves and compensate the Program, or refer their claim to justice."
While he said his instructions were in vain, Yahiya al-Houthi rejected an investigation be opened on looting the humanitarian aid.
The SCMCHA "has no legal identity and [its formation] was insisted by Ahmed Hamid .. whose decisions are not approved by the Supreme Political Council's appointed members.
"The SCMCHA claims that agencies, at top of which the WFP and UNICEF, distribute rotten food, and it's still reiterating this claim though we've called on both parties to stop oratory confrontations. While the Program shows commitment to our advice in this regard, the Council has continued its claims.
"The Taoos [SCMCHA] Council has threatened to stop the WFP's work" in Houthi-held areas if the Program suspends distribution of aid in Hajjah in protest of looting the food.
On Thursday 6 February, a number of international aid agencies threatened to adopt the world's biggest reduction in assistances in Houthi-controlled northern Yemen.

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