UN concerns at Yemen's coronavirus quarantine facilities

Sana'a (Debrefer)
2020-03-26 | Since 3 Month

A coronavirus quarantine facility in Yemen, media photo

The United Nations on Thursday expressed concerns about thousands of people quarantined in Yemen, where the organization says no coronavirus case has occurred so far.
There is no COVID-19 confirmed case in Yemen, the UN Country Office for Humanitarian Coordination tweeted.
There are fears about thousands of people, including migrants, in crowded quarantine facilities living bad conditions in different areas across the country, as part of precautions against COVID-19, it added.
Humanitarian partners are providing lifesaving assistances for people at quarantines, the UN agency said.
Thousands of Yemenis have been detained in unhealthy conditions in a university yard in Rada'a district of Baydha governorate, eyewitnesses have said.
"The Houthi group has put travellers coming from abroad in 14-day health quarantine" in the Yemeni central district, they added.
On social media, people appeared in pictures and footages sleeping on blankets over asphalt, under trees or in their cars, before being moved to the university building.

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