Yemen launches hackathon in face of coronavirus

Cairo (Debriefer)
2020-04-07 | Since 2 Month

Yemen hackathon launched in face of coronavirus

Yemen Hackathon has called for creative thoughts to enrich the initiative in fight against the novel coronavirus.
The initiative aims at brining specialists in technology together to share creative ideas in a competitive environment so as to accelerate a solution for a potential spread of COVID-19.
"It is important to take the current chance, as the virus has not spread in Yemen, and get well prepared for its fight," the hackathon team said on their website (
Preparation for countering the novel coronavirus requires participation of all the society's segments, particularly amid ongoing challenges in Yemen, they added.
The hackathon will be held completely online, with 10 to 15 5-member teams contesting in the presentation of creative solutions in COVID-19 fight in Yemen.
Application for the competition will be open from 6 to 12 April, followed by involvement of participatory teams in works predetermined by their own members.
The hackathon is scheduled to end in 21 April, with the receipt and evaluation of projects and works, and announcement of the three winning teams that will receive US$-10,000-worth incentive rewards.
The hackathon creative ideas will cover disaster management, medical sortation, artificial respiration devices, tests, education, awareness and community participation, observation and reports, diagnosis, community mobilization, personal protective equipment, and disinfectors.
Participants within a given team should have a diversity of specializations ranging from business, public health, software development, and engineering, as required.ا

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