For the first in France,

Yemeni fashion show with western touches and oriental identity !!

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2018-05-23 | Since 1 Year

Yemeni fashion in France


 On Saturday, the city of Rouen, east of the French capital Paris,experienced a Yemeni women's fashion show, for the first of its kind, was held at the Grand’Mare Theater under the auspices of the Aux Fils Conductor Association, a large presence of guests, interested persons and activists of social network.

Yemeni fashion in France

Commenting on the opening of the show in France, the Yemeni fashion designer Lamar Almurisi stated that she has presented a series of Yemeni dresses that were characterized by elegance and luxury, given the woman confidence in herself, extra beauty and attractive touches. She added that it is remarkable event for her of being able to maintain her eastern identity through the stories and luxurious fabrics .


Yemeni fashion in France
Lamar said in her statement to the ( debrief ) Agence News that the world of fashion and fashion touches inspire and enhance the confidence Yemeni women, who struggle to gain independence and get out of this painful war, it led us to launch our business outside Yemen, specifically in Paris the capital of fashion. He also said that our plan is not available lny targeting Rance but also all European countries and enitre world after we set our feet and our ways to the door of the world.

Yemeni fashion in France

The Yemeni designer, Lamar Almurisi presented a collection of Yemeni costumes blended with Western touches in a very distinctive fashion show dazzling the audience entitled «From the original Sanaa to contemporary Paris» .. pointing out at the same time that it is preparing for the work of another fashion show, planning to take place in the capital Paris which will include all the fashions of Yemeni women and men from Morocco st of Yemeni provinces Aden, Hadramout, Lahj, Sana'a, Sa'ada, Hodeidah, Taiz and Mahra as a first stage.

Yemeni fashion in France

It is worth mentioning that there are many young talents in the fashion world in Yemen who could not get the opportunity to appear alongside the leading names and Arab fashion houses of international standards, especially under the current circumstances, but at the same time contributed to social network and the spread of the phenomenon of "Fascionistaz" and Aflunzaz "to promote the concept of fashion In Yemen and the region.

Yemeni fashion in France

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