Fire extends to 2 other refinery's tanks in Yemen`s Aden

Aden (Debriefer)
2019-01-12 | Since 1 Week

Fire extends to 2 other refinery's tanks in Aden (today)

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Eyewitnesses and worker at Aden Refinery Company said that the continuous fire in one of the refinery's tanks since Friday spread to two nearby other tanks on Saturday evening. 
According the witnesses and worker, "Debriefer" News Agency reported a powerful explosion heard on Saturday evening in another tank burst into flames heavily before extending to the third tank in the refineries in the  district of Al-Buraiqeh west of the interim capital Aden. 
The sources pointed to the occurrence of human casualties from the explosion, and warned of the explosion of the third tank. 
The sources saw the entry of a number of ambulances to the refineries, which is successful hypothesis of the toll and size of casualties is not yet known. 
The sources attributed the causes of the explosion of the second tank, to the continued fire in one of the refinery's tanks since Friday evening and the temperature rise to burst the first tank, which led to the fire in a nearby tank also exploded and the fire went to the third tank. 
The same sources expressed fears that the fire could expand to the rest of the neighboring fuel tanks, which  about 20, which could cause a humanitarian and environmental disaster. 
The sources and a number of residents of the southern port city of Aden told "Debriefer" News Agency that Yemen`s internationally recognized government and the Saudi- UAE -led Arab coalition are responsible for what is happening in the Aden refinery and their lack of serious action to put out the burning fire since Friday at the Aden refinery, the oldest in Arab and Gulf countries. 
"Where is the government, the coalition, its aircraft and advanced equipment to support and support the modest local efforts to quell the blazing fire?! 
On Friday, Fire broke out at one of the refinery's tanks containing residues of petroleum tankss after the explosion. It was brought under control immediately. 
The refinery's leadership said in a statement it has not identified the cause of the explosion and that it suggests it was an act of sabotage. 
Aden refinery is the oldest refinery in the Arab world and the Gulf, established in the British occupation by British Oil Company Limited (BP) in 1952 and began operation in July 1954, and ownership of the refinery with all its benefits and accessories to the Yemeni state in the south in May 1977.

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