Southern politician: What is happening is planned action aimed at Saudi grant

Yemen`s Aden refinery confirm fire decline, end of gravity

Aden (Debriefer)
2019-01-13 | Since 2 Day

During a fire extinguish in a tank at Aden refinery

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The Aden refinery company confirmed on Saturday that the fire that broke out in one of its tanks on Friday was completely extinguished over the refinery and its facilities in the city of interim capital Aden. 
The company denied in a statement published by the Aden-based "Saba" News Agency,that was heard on Saturday evening, resulted from the explosion of another tank, indicating that the explosion was caused by the pressure that occurred after the arrival of fire to the bottom of the tank has been burning since Friday. 
The company pointed out that the  resulted in various injuries among the workers who were watching the decline of the fire and work to besiege it, stressing that the company will begin in cooperation with the security authorities to investigate the causes of the fire. 
The company expected to extinguish the fire completely during the coming hours, reiterating that the fire that broke out in the tanks has no effect on the grant of oil derivatives provided by Saudi Arabia for power plants or the supply of the local market with oil derivatives. 
The Yemen`s internationally recognized government received on Monday the first batch of Saudi Arabia's oil derivatives grant worth $60 million per month extendable to supply power stations  in the southern port city of Aden, the temporary capital of Yemen's internationally recognized government. 
The Aden Refinery Company's assertions came at a time when political figures and local residents in southern Yemen accused "legitimate" government officials of the arson of the Aden refinery after billions of dollars were lost by the Saudi grant after they had engaged in major corruption deals in importing oil derivatives to Aden. 
The writer and political analyst in southern Yemen, Yasir al-Yafi'i, said what is happening in the refineries of Aden, a masterpiece aimed at the Saudi grant and stability witnessed by Aden recently thanks to this grant.
"There are parties that lost billions of riyals a month because of this grant, and now they want to thwart it," al-Yafi'i said on Twitter, monitored by the "Debriefer" News Agency on Saturday night. 
The Southern politician asked Saudi-led Arab coalition to intervene to save the situation and contribute to extinguish the fire, which extends today to a second tank.

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