Fiercer battles pit Hajoor Tribes against Houthis, Amran sees clashes

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2019-02-13 | Since 4 Day

Battles get fiercer in Hajjah, clashes erupt in Amran

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Battles raging for more than one month have got even fiercer between Hajoor Tribes and Houthi troops in the Yemeni northwestern governorate of Hajjah, bordering Saudi Arabia.

Since Monday, many fronts have seen more violent fighting in Hajoor tribal areas of Cashir District, at eastern borders with Amran governorate, local source told Debriefer on Wednesday.

"Houthis are tightly besieging Hajoor areas, causing scarcity in actual information on hostilities there," said the source, amid Houthi blackout, silent official government media and rare information for the Saudi-led coalition media.

"In the last two days, Hajoor Tribes attacked Houthi-held sites, leaving scores killed and injured from both sides," added the source noting that coalition warplanes hit some Houthi posts.

According to Debriefer source, the "fiercer battles are now waged in Absia, Mandala and al-Qiam Mont, with Houthi forces at frontlines continually supplied with personnel and equipment reinforcements."

Separately, Yemeni media outlets reported on Wednesday that clashes broke out between Thu Souda Tribes and Houthi rebels in QaflatOdhar District of Amran, separating Houthi stronghold Sa'ada from the capital Sana'a.

Neighboring the flashpoint Cashir, "Thu Souda Tribes clashed with Houthi reinforcements heading for frontlines with Hajoor Tribes, leaving dead and injured from both sides," added the outlets.

Yemen has been racked by an armed conflict that broke out after the Iranian-backed Houthis had ousted the internationally recognized government late in 2014.

The conflict escalated after a Saudi-led coalition intervened militarily in the country in March 2015 to reinstate the government of President Hadi,leaving hundreds of thousands killed or injured and 3 million displaced, and pushing the country to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

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