Yemeni minister involved in killing UAE officers: sources

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2019-04-23 | Since 7 Month

Naeif al-Bakri, denied to return home over terrorist charges

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Investigation are still underway to unveil ambiguous circumstances of the death of an Emirati officer, Hadif Hamid Al-Shamisi, who was killed in Aden on 17 October 2015.

Although the murder was documented by surveillance cameras at scene,the footage has not been clear enough to identify the murderers, while security authorities arestill reluctant to popularize investigations' outcomes.

At the time of the murder, media reports said the victim had been an Emirati officer, in conflict to the then local security account that said an aid worker of the Emirati Red Crescent had been shot dead by unknown gunmen.

Later, armed forces leadership announced the martyrdom of Captain Hadif Al-Shamisi, describing the man as one of the Saudi-led coalition troopsbacking the legitimate government in Yemen.

But private sources told Debriefer that Naeif Saleh al-Bakri, Aden former governor and current minister of youth and sports, "is mainly accused of killing the UAE officer through jihadist groups led by 'Abu Jihad', nickname the Minister Bakri is known of after his son 'Jihad'."

Officer Al-Shamisi, photo from the UAE al-Bayan

Politicians and activists in Yemen say 'Abu Jihad' has wide relations with terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaeda in southern Yemen.

Users of social media circulated footages showing the former governor 'Abu Jihad' as chanting jihadi hymns used by terrorist groups in their tapes filming assassinations and executions.

Adnan Assayed, a Salafist leader in the southern resistance, accused Bakri at TV interview of "hypocrisy" and hiding his inner loyalty to Muslim Brethren."Although Abu Jihad had already renouncedthe grouptwice,his actions contradict his words."

The coalition leadership still denies the minister entry into Aden, seat of the internationally recognized government.

"Murder of the Emirati officer Shamisi is the reason behind the minister's inability to return to Yemen," sources told Debriefer. "He is under house arrest in Riyadh which cannot leave without permission from Saudi authorities."

Bakri receives special attention from the Yemeni President AbdRabbu Mansour Hadi, source close to the minister told Debriefer.

In fact, Minister Bakri "sent armed groups, including Qaeda affiliates, to defend the presidential palace during the attempted coup of January 2018" by the Southern Transitional Council forces against former premier, Dr. Ahmed bin Daghr.

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