Yemeni gov't belittles Houthi advances, dubs rebels as Iran dummy

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2019-05-05 | Since 4 Month

Yemeni government threatens Houthis, Sunday

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The Yemeni official government Sunday belittled the recent Houthi advances in the south, saying the rebels' newly opened fronts have confirmed that "theyarea dummy at hands of Iranian regime's mullahs."

Houthi infiltrations in the few last days at fringes of the southern Dhalea governorate are being dealt with away from media exaggerated accounts, said the cabinet at extraordinary meeting chaired by Premier Maeen Abdulmalek in Aden.

The "Houthi coup militias are publicizing alleged wins to delude their supporters .. into believing they are still able to proceed and thus plunge more recruits into their futile crematories," according to the Aden-based Saba.

"The upcoming hours will be decisive in inflicting the Houthis new unforgettable lesson and deterring their unplanned adventures," the government threatened.

The cabinet accused Houthis and "their backers in Iran of exploiting any steps towards UN-sponsored political solution to open new fighting fronts."

Yemen has been racked by bloody conflict between the Saudi-backed government and the Iranian-backed Houthis who have taken over Sana'a the capital and most populated areas in the north since late in 2014, triggering what the UN dub as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

On the 24th of last April, Houthi group claimed full control over Hosha district, three days after they announced control over ThiNa'em district of Bayda governorate.

Late in 2015, Houthis were forced out of Hosha.

Wins recently achieved by Houthis have raised controversy on social media, with local activists accusing pro-legitimacy key parties, mostly Islah, of colluding with Houthis.

Backed by popular resistance and Arab coalition, government forces in the few last hours retook control over sites to the north of Dhalea, said pro-government military sources on Sunday.

Presidential protection brigades deployed battalions of fighters into Dhalea to reinforce troops stationed there and repel Houthi infiltrations in Qataba and Morais, the sources added.

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