WHO: Cholera deaths in Yemen increased to 572

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2019-05-11 | Since 3 Month

A cholera patient receives treatment at a hospital in Yemen

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that the number of deaths from cholera in Yemen since the beginning of the year increased to 572 amid mounting international warnings of a fourth wave of the epidemic in the impoverished country, in particular as the rainy season enters, as economic conditions and health services deteriorate as the war continues for the fifth consecutive year.

Medical sources at the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that the number of cases of the disease, whose symptoms include severe watery diarrhea, reached 296,494 people since the beginning of January and so far.

The Medical sources confirmed that "The cholera epidemic spread this time in all Yemeni provinces, amid international warnings of the closure of 60 percent of the treatment centers for diarrhea if donors continued to slow the fulfillment of pledges announced in February".

The capital Sana'a and its countryside ranked first in Yemen in terms of the number of deaths from the epidemic, with WHO recorded 108 deaths, followed by the governorate of Ibb in central Yemen with 87 deaths and the rest of the deaths were distributed to 22 Yemeni provinces.

The World Health Organization said that since the beginning of the year, thousands of cholera workers have been deployed in 147 Yemeni areas to cope with the fourth wave of the epidemic since the civil war in Yemen for the fifth year, which led to "the worst humanitarian crisis in the world" About 22 million Yemenis, or more than two-thirds of the population, need urgent humanitarian assistance, many of them on the verge of famine, as well as the collapse of the health sector and the closure of a large number of health facilities, leading to outbreaks of disease and epidemics in the country. Less than half of the country's health facilities operate at full capacity.

According to the latest World Health Organization`s Report, 45 percent of health facilities in Yemen are only partially functioning due to the lack of medical supplies and the destruction of hundreds of facilities, depriving millions of people of health care.

Warnings and fears from international organizations have recently heightened the risk of a return to what the world's worst "cholera outbreak" has called for as the rainy season, deteriorating economic conditions and health services continue as the war in Yemen continues for the fifth year in a row. This presages an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

Hunger has spread in Yemen after it became a battleground in a proxy political conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This threatens a major famine among Yemenis.

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