Saudi economy' pillar in range of Houthis drones (Infographic)

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2019-05-15 | Since 3 Month

The Saudi economy is at risk

Yemeni Houthis group (Ansar Allah) said on Tuesday that seven drones have targeted two oil pumping stations in the Saudi Arabia depth in direct targeting of the Saudi economy.

The Houthi group has threatened to launch more qualitative and cruel strikes if the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces continue to support the Yemen's internationally recognized government in its fifth consecutive war against the Iranian-backed Houthis.

Saudi Arabia has recognized the attack as a "terrorist act" targeting global oil supplies, but no one has been blamed for the attack.

Saudi Arabia said explosive-laden drones had struck oil pumping stations in the Riyadh region on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Saudi State Security Presidency said that "limited targeting" took place between 6:00 am and 6:30 am on Tuesday morning in two oil pumping stations belonging to Aramco in Dawadmi province and Afif province in Riyadh.

Saudi Aramco said it had stopped pumping in the pipeline, where the damage was being assessed and the station was being repaired to restore the pipeline and pump it back to normal.


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