UNSC considering PK forces deployment in Yemen: Al-Arabiya TV

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2019-06-07 | Since 3 Month

Houthi forces before withdrawal from Salif port, 11 May

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Some member at the UN Security Councilis seriously considering the potentiality of deploying international armed monitors to the Yemeni western governorate of Hodeida to monitor ceasefire and redeployment of warring troops there, the Saudi Al-Arabiya TV said Friday.

Yemen has been racked by a 4-year bloody conflict between the internationally-recognized Yemeni government's forces, backed by a Saudi-led coalition, and the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels who ousted the government in 2014.

The Red Sea city of Hodeida and its ports have been under Houthi control since late 2014, while Yemeni joint forces loyal to legitimate government and Arab coalition have massed at the city's fringes since last November seeking to retake the strategic port.

The international monitors mandate in Yemen will end by the end of this June, so the UN will have to renew the mandate, likely at the 17-June briefing by its Envoy Martin Griffiths on Yemen, the channel quoted its New York-based correspondent as saying.

Many of the UNSC members, particularly Britain, have been seriously considering the deployment of armed monitors to Yemento monitor ceasefire and redeployment, Al-Arabiya reporter added.

The UN is intensively talking with the Houthis to push the group to cooperate, and has asked Oman for mediation in this regard, he said.

The rebels are denying the UN monitors entry visas to areas under their control, the reporter claimed. "Only 15, out of 75, monitors have been mandated to head for Yemen."

But, he said, the deployment of peacekeeping forces and armed monitors under UNSC mandate would solve the problem, as the monitors would need no visas after being mandated.

The greatest obstacle for such arrangement is a potential veto by Russia or China, despite willingness of the Brits and Americans, according to the Saudi satellite.

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government has sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General calling Antonio Guterres to come in person or send a representative for discussionson mistakes committed by his Envoy Griffiths in terms of Hodeida redeployment deal's application, a Yemeni senior official told the Emirati al-Bayan paper.

The government is expecting that to happen, he added anonymously. Therefore, "it's impossible to talk about resuming the participation of government team in the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), chaired by General Michael Lollesgaard, or to discuss preparation for any next round of talks."

On 14 May, the United Nations said Houthi group had withdrawn from Hodeida, Salif and Ras Isa ports,in application of the UN-brokered Stockholm peace deal that made breakthrough in UN efforts to end warin Yemen.

The move raised wrath of the Yemeni government that dismissed Houthi withdrawal as farce.

The UN has so far failed to find a solution for Yemen conflict that has triggered what it calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis, although it brokered last December an agreement providing for ceasefire in Hodeida and redeployment of both sides' forces and allowing for UN leading role in the port city.

But the pacthas been stalled so far, with both sides trading blames for trying to thwart the deal.

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