Yemeni gov't seeks to list Mahari, Socotri as UNESCO languages

Cairo (Debriefer)
2019-07-07 | Since 3 Month

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government said Saturday it has been seeking to have the Mahari andSocotri languages included into the UNESCO world heritage list.

The Yemeni official ministry of culture has a plan "to prepare files for one or more elements of Yemen's unphysical heritage, mostly the Mahari and Socotri languages, and present them to the UNESCO," said Culture Minister Marwan Dammaj.

The ministry and UNESCOorganized Saturday an international cultural forum on the Hadhrami Dan (song) in Cairo, as part of a project aimed to include the folk lyrics of Hadhramout into the human heritage.

Hadhrami Dan has been selected for many reasons, Dammaj added. "It represents one of the most important elements of Yemeni artistic identity, it contains more than one item of unphysical cultural heritage, and it is verbal tradition combined with social habits."

The Dan has deep roots in the Yemeni culture, plays key role in identity of Yemen in general and Hadhramout in particular, and is a part of contemporary culture thanks to its eloquent, meaningful verses, said the minister.

The project is meant to maintain the Yemeni cultural legacy, physical and unphysical, he added.

At the forum, Socotra Governor Ramzi Mahroos highlighted the need for the Socotri language to be listed as a UNESCO human heritage.

In addition to the Bateharia, Hibotia, Harsoosia and Shahria, the Mahari and Socotriare modern south Arabian languages that had descended from the Semitic one.

Socotra is a Yemeni archipelago consisting of six islands located close to Aden Gulf, some 350 km away from Hadhramout coastline, off the African Horn and on the international navigation route linking the Indian Ocean nations to the World.

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