Guha UN cannot achieve peace in Yemen without cooperation

Hodeida (Debriefer)
2019-12-21 | Since 4 Week

RCC chair, General Abhijit Guha

The United Nations seeks to make peace in Yemen, but it cannot without cooperation from all parties to the conflict, a UN official said Saturday.

The Stockholm Agreement aims to stop the war, and its implementation in Hodeida paves way for inclusive peace in Yemen, Hodeida Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) added at meeting with Houthi-appointed Hodeida acting governor.

The UN works in order for humanitarian aid to be delivered, General Abhijit Guha said, noting that the redeployment would be the guarantee for humanitarian convoys access, and this what the UN mission seeks to achieve.

The UN is not a government entity, and its essential approach is to make peace, but "we can't achieve it without cooperation of all parties," the Indian General added.

At the meeting, an RCC Houthi negotiator asked about the use of deploying monitoring posts and liaison officers if they cannot stop fire and bloodshed.

"The UN silence before the other party's obduracy and delay raises surprise," Mohamed al-Qadiri added. "There should be a UN clear stance at the [Yemeni internationally-recognized government's] crimes and violations against Stockholm Agreement."

Hodeida acting governor claimed that his group had fulfilled all its commitments stated in the Sweden pact, accusing the government forces of committing "more than 30,000 violations" against the deal.

The Houthis expect a "UN effective role to force the other party into fulfilling their commitments," Qohaim added.

His deputy, Ali Qishr, accused the UN of failing to play its part in terms of stopping the bloodshed of Hodeida people.

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