How can Riyadh read Iranian-inked Houthi threat message 'Second Warning'

Report (Debriefer) The Iranian-backed Houthi group on Thursday, 1 September, introduced a new set of missiles and other advanced weapons at its largest parade since the breakout of Yemen's 8-year-ol

Will Biden pay Yemen as tribute to Iran?

  Report (Debriefer) The Yemeni UN-recognized Leadership Council (LC) and government have been under great diplomatic pressures to make further concessions in preparation for a UN-proposed protr

Yemen truce.. thorny path towards booby-trapped peace

Report (Debriefer) Announced by the UN special envoy on 2 April, Yemen's ongoing truce provides an outlet for warring parties to reach a sustainable settlement, but on the ground no signs that the r

Yemenia Airlines.. steering wheel urgently needs replacement

Aden (Debriefer) In a unique move, the Yemeni official government at a meeting in Aden last November announced a package of decisions including discipline measures against some officials in a bid to

Edroos Zobaidi.. between luring post and pressures by radical separatists

Resort (Debriefer) Edroos al-Zobaidi, a member of the Yemeni new Leadership Council, stirred broad controversy while being sworn in by the Parliament on Tuesday.Chairman of the Southern Transitional

High prices disturbs Ramadan delight among Yemenis

Report (Debriefer) As the holy month of Ramadan set in, Yemeni markets saw upsurge in prices of foods and other basic commodities, amid persistent deterioration of economic situation and awful fall

Riyadh talks.. little stone in slack peace pool

Report (Debriefer) Yemenis eyes are at the Saudi capital, Riyadh that is expected to host on Tuesday Yemeni extended talks called for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as part of their efforts to s

Illicit weapons from Yemen fueling crime in Africa

This proliferation of illicit arms diverted from Yemen into Somalia, has potentially serious security implications for the country, and for neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya.Farther afield, the arms fl

Carrot & stick approach makes Hadi abandon strongest men

Report (Debriefer) Having yielded to Saudi-Emirati pressures, the Yemeni President, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, has fired Shabwa governor, Mohamed Bin Edio, his most powerful assistant in the south, who

Yemeni gov't holds first meeting, with ministers controversially absent

Aden (Debriefer) The Yemeni UN-recognized government on Saturday held its first official meeting chaired by PM Maeen Abdulmalek in Aden, nearly half a year after the cabinet was forced to leave the

UN envoy in Qatar for new approach to Yemeni crisis solution

Report (Debriefer) The UN new envoy to Yemen has unexpectedly started his mission with a visit to Qatar, tacking a different route to get further acquainted with, and find a solution for the Yemeni

Yemen government under US pressure over Riyadh agreement

SANAA (Debriefer)--Yemen's internationally recognised government has recently come under mounting US pressure to drop some provisions of the Riyadh agreement which was signed with the UAE-backed sou

Can new UN envoy do what predecessors could not do in Yemen

SANAA (Debriefer)--The United Nations is expected to officially appoint Swedish diplomat Hans Grundberg as its new special envoy to war-torn Yemen. The five permanent members of the United Nations

Combating begging or paying salaries: a Houthi decision sparks controversy

SANAA (Debriefer)--Yemenis have reacted differently to a new decision by the Houthi group to establish anti-begging centers in the Yemeni capital Sanaa amid dramatic increase of beggars in most majo

Yemen: A needle of peace amid a pile of complications

SANAA (Debriefer)--The war in Yemen is gaining regional and international diplomatic momentum drawing the world's attention to the crisis and potential solutions as Oman has now become an effective

Upcoming Friday of Aden: a terrifying scenario with different dimensions

ADEN (Debriefer)--The situation in Yemen's interim capital, Aden, is tense as the volatile is bracing for a massive demonstration on Friday to protest against deteriorating basic services.. Fears a

Return of STC president to Aden: likely escalation or just a trip

ADEN (Debriefer)--The return of the president of the southern transitional council Aidarous Al-Zubaidi to the interim capital Aden has sparked speculations in Yemen about its real reasons amid growi

Fuel crisis suffocates people in Houthi-run Yemen

By Hasan Abu Al-Ghaith - SANAA (Debriefer)--Acute fuel shortages have been suffocating the people in the Houthi-run regions in north and west Yemen since early this year. Despite repeated Houthi ac