This privacy policy applies to all personal data provided to us as a visitor to debriefer (' user data ') through our website on the net It should be noted that this privacy policy has been developed for more confidence about your privacy and all of your information in accordance with the legal regulations that protect your privacy.


You: reference formula as a user of the site
We: means the signal format debriefer agency
Users: all visitors browsing our website

By submitting your information as a user on the site, you should see the following in accordance with the privacy policy:

The information which you provided through this site means you agree to the use by us as a party, or through our third party processing such information on our behalf, to perform a statistical analysis concerning your conduct as a user, and can be used by a third party in whole or in part, so that we can fulfill by laws or regulations without prejudice to privacy (your privacy as a user).

We can send newsletters to you as emails containing all promotional offers and services provided by debriefer.
In accordance with this privacy policy, we may disclose your user information to a third party to facilitate the process of sending our products or services through this party. 

If a third party owns part or all of our products, in this case devolves your user information that you provide to us to a third party.
This agreement gives us disclose your user information for legal purposes, or any other agreements involving property rights and safety of other users, also we can disclose your user information for our subcontractors at any location or State.

Do you need to let us know bye updates about your information?  

You can edit all your details through the contact us section on the site, as we should say that we may change our privacy policy in whole or in part from time to time and so you should review them periodically, and reserve the right to do so.
May require use of some technical services site prompted a user enter your personal objectives are compatible with this privacy policy, in this case, your information will remain secure, and will not provide to third parties without prior permission from you.


You can cancel your subscription to any service we provide for you and approved in advance via the contact us section.
Please note that we will not disclose your user information to third parties to enable him to send direct marketing communications to you without your prior consent.


We don't use cookies ' cookies ' programmatically, but you should know that it is possible to collect information and data automatically through the use of cookies later. It is a small text file saves the basic information used by the Web site to identify repeated uses of the site, in addition to other data collection behavior and continue to improve the site, and ad targeting.

These text files do not blend into your operating system and does not hurt your files, if you prefer not to collect information through the use of text files, you can refuse download the text file property, but u must note, that some services may be affected if you choose to disable cookies option.

Protect your user information

That data transmission over the Internet cannot be completely guaranteed, this is very sad, and with full commitment to protect your user information, we cannot ensure the security of user information is sent to the site, and that you should be aware that any data sent, including your user information, Be at your own risk.
We are well aware of the professional standards, we use security applications in accordance with the latest technical specifications to protect user information from any breach or misuse.

You can call or inquire or comment about this policy through our contact section

This privacy policy does not include transfer to a third party site you go from this site as an intermediary.