What does 5G have to do with our health?

As 5G wireless technology is slowly making its way across the globe, many government agencies and organizations advise that there is no reason to be alarmed about the effects of radiofrequency waves

App to help coffee farmers battered by dismal prices earn more income

An app that sends money in the form of tips from appreciative caffeine devotees around the world to coffee growers in Colombia could help farmers battered by dismal prices earn more income, the init

Russia launches humanoid robot into space on Thursday

A Russian humanoid robot was making its way on Thursday to the International Space Station after blasting off on a two-week mission to support the crew and test his skills. Known as FEDOR, which st

New frontier for commercial space seen by boeing spacecraft astronauts

A crew of veteran US astronauts and aviators are training in Houston for a manned mission to the International Space Station aboard Boeing’s new Starliner spacecraft, which could also be used

Google, Apple, Mozilla to block Kazakh monitoring system

Google, Apple and Firefox browser maker Mozilla took steps on Wednesday to block the Kazakh government from creating an internet monitoring system using their browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Fi

IPhone maker is "aggressively testing" BOE's flexible OLED

Apple Inc is in the final stages of certifying advanced screens from Chinese display maker BOE Technology Group Co Ltd for its iPhones, as it attempts to reduce reliance on Samsung Electronics, the

Twitter gives customers 30 days to offboard state-controlled news media ads

Social media giant Twitter said in a statement on Monday that customers will have 30 days to offboard state-controlled media advertisements. "Today, we are updating our advertising policies with re

Trump: Google Should Be Sued For Manipulating Millions Of Votes For Clinton In 2016

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Google should be sued after a report emerged that the company manipulated between two and 16 million votes in favor of Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presid

Study says Self-esteem key to treat mental health patients

Improving how mental health patients perceive themselves can be critical in treating them, a first of its kind study has claimed. The findings of the study suggest that youths with psychiatric diso

Alzheimer's in women: Could midlife stress play a role?

For reasons as yet unknown, Alzheimer's disease is more likely to affect women. However, new research sheds light on the potential impact of stress on their cognitive functioning. Alzheimer's disea

New research identifies brain molecules that play key role in anxiety

Scientists have found that increasing the levels of a molecule in a particular part of the brain can reduce anxious temperament in young monkeys. New research identifies brain molecules that play a

German Interior Minister threatens to deport refugees who regularly travelled to their countries

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, representing the Bavarian wing of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, has suggested sending asylum seekers home from Germany if they have regul

Dutch Princess Christina Dies After Cancer Battle

Princess Christina, youngest sister of Beatrix who ruled the Netherlands till her abdication in 2013, died Friday aged 72 after suffering from bone cancer, the royal family Princess Christina, young

Report says that Trump wants to buy Greenland

President Donald Trump is asking advisers if it is possible for the US to buy Greenland, according to a report. Trump has expressed interest in the self-governing part of Denmark -- which is mostly

Google insider leaks docs revealing search engine

Google appears to have maintained a ‘blacklist’ for dozens of websites on one of its mobile apps, as well as a ‘fringe ranking’ system that scored sites for “quality,&r

Microsoft's latest privacy policy says vendors listen to voice data

Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it updated its privacy policy to let customers know that it had been collecting voice data of its users with the help of employees and contractors. A spokesperson f

Family's Saudi woman activist says Loujain rejects release deal tied to denying torture

Prominent Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul has rejected a proposal to secure her release from prison in exchange for a video statement denying reports she was tortured in cust

Verizon sells early social-media darling Tumblr

Verizon is selling Tumblr, a darling of early social media, to the owner of blogging platform WordPress. Tumblr is known for its devoted fan base and has been home to angry posts from celebrities l