Houthis say Yemeni vice-president, Islah fund terror groups

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2019-12-25 | Since 1 Month

Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar

The Houthi interior ministry on Wednesday accused the vice-president Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar, Islah Party and other Yemeni persons of supporting and funding terrorist groups.

The ministry has made "more than 45,930 great security achievements" since the Saudi-led coalition began operations in March 2015," it claimed in a statement at press conference.

During 2019, the rebel security authorities have foiled 15 crimes targeting state security and 23 plots targeting internal fronts, and captured many terrorist cells of Qaeda and Daesh including 13 this year, it told reporters.

1,458 explosive devices have been defused since March 2015, including 61 this year, the ministry added accusing the Yemeni internationally-recognized government of planting the bombs on public roads, markets, houses and mosques to "target and proscribe Yemenis."

"Some of these qualitative security gains are evidence, added to previous proofs, proving the involvement of aggression, its leaders and mercenaries in making, supporting and funding the so-called al-Qaeda and Daesh over long years, including Ali Muhsin, Hameed al-Ahmar, Sam al-Ahmar and many other leaders of Islah," said the statement.

"This is not limited to the Islah and its criminal leaders, but there are also containment, support, public appointments and sponsorship for terrorists by all parties including Adel al-Dhobhani (or Abu al-Abbas), Hani bin Boraik, Mohamed Musa al-Aameri, Abdul Wahab al-Homaiqani .. and many others."

"Most of the aggression mercenary leaders and tools at all fronts of aggression on Yemen are terrorists and criminals involved in pervious crimes and wanted internationally and locally in connection to terror cases and crimes."

The Houthi-run ministry disseminated vocal records of "confessions by criminal cells and elements used and tasked by the coalition to report coordinates for aircraft, to plant devices and target citizens at public, national and religious events."

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