Yemeni govt denies mobilization for Aden, STC vows

Riyadh (Debriefer)
2019-12-06 | Since 3 Week

Aden City

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government on Friday denied any military mobilization towards the southern port city of Aden, blaming the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) for escalation and attempts to hinder the Riyadh Agreement.
The government is constantly committed to the deal and to the application of all its terms under the definite mechanism, the Riyadh-based Saba quoted government spokesman as saying.
The force that moved from Abyan towards Aden is a detachment of the Presidential Guard First Brigade that should return in full to the interim capital of Aden under the Riyadh pact, Rajih Badi added.
The unit moved in coordination with the Arab coalition command and in accordance with the deal, he said.
Badi accused the STC forces of intercepting and opening fire at this force before arriving in Shoqra in the southern governorate of Abyan, sparking clashes that left some personnel killed and injured.
"The STC has no right to intercept or open fire at forces," he added, holding the separatists responsible for "escalation and attempts to hinder the Riyadh Agreement through these irresponsible practices."
On Thursday, the STC expressed rejection to "all Yemeni government's attempts to violate the pact provisions, including the persistent mobilization towards the south."
The STC "stands by its right to defend its land and confirms its capability to fend off and deter any force trying to pass the current frontlines," the STC spokesman said in statement, calling the forces to withdraw.
The Council is committed to the deal, and the "other party should act alike," Nizar Hitham added, warning against "the extremist Muslim Brethren attempts to thwart the pact in service of the Houthi group."
Some 40 people were killed or injured in the fierce clashes that erupted in Ahwar district of Abyan between Presidential Guard First Brigade and STC forces, military sources said Thursday.
Abdul Haq Mohamed al-Dhawi (a senior officer in the brigade) along with four of his bodyguards and Salim Oadh al-Samihi (an STC leader) were killed in the fighting that left 8 military vehicles from both sides damaged, according to the sources.

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