Shell makes Yemeni Hodeida silos stop grinding wheat

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2019-12-28 | Since 2 Month

Red Sea Mills

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Grinding of the wheat stored in the Hodeida silos has stopped, an official at the Red Sea Mills (RSM) said Saturday, after a shell hit the silos in the Yemeni western port city.

"The shell has stopped the grinding and processing operations and totally halted three packing lines and supply transport lines," the Giant Brigades' media center quoted RSM technical manager as saying.

"Having been fired from Houthi-held areas in Hodeida city, the shell has hit the flour silos' roof .. making the stores open to winds, rains and sun and the stuck to damage," Anwar al-Faqih added.

Continual shelling and stopped distribution will expose the 50,000 tons of wheat to damage within six month, the official warned, calling on the UN to play its role and put an end to "such crimes."

"Keeping the wheat for more than a year in the silos led to the decay of more than 5,000 tons and the waste of more than 200,000 bags during processing," he added.

Last Thursday, the pro-government joint forces accused the Houthi group of bombing the RSM with mortar 120mm shell.

By targeting the mills, the rebels are trying to destroy the prepared supplies and to deprive civilians from food aid and deepen their daily sufferings, they said.

The RSM have been under repeated mortar shells, igniting fires at one of the buildings and destroying two silos along with their wheat, with warring parties trading blames for the event.




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