Saudi reinforcements en route to Yemeni Anad base

Aden (Debriefer)
2019-12-11 | Since 2 Week

The Saudi forces currently present in the Yemeni interim capital of Aden sent on Wednesday reinforcements to the southern governorate of Lahj.

Saudi forces left the coalition headquarters in Aden heading to Lahj, local sources said.

Accompanied by Security Belt forces, the Saudi troops passed through the security barrier of the northern entrance of Rabat district linking Aden to Lahj, the sources added.

The Saudi forces, including armored vehicles and other military equipment, are expected to arrive at the military base of al-Anad.

It has not been immediately clear the purpose for the Saudi troop move.

Following the Emirati pullout, Saudi forces were positioned in Aden early last November, prior to the signing of the Riyadh Agreement.

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