Houthis accuse WFP of denying Doraihimi access to aid

Hodeida (Debriefer)
2020-01-22 | Since 8 Month

The Houthi rebel group on Tuesday accused the UN World Food Program (WFP) of preventing aid from reaching people of Doraihimi district in the Yemeni western governorate of Hodeida.
The WFP "denied access of food assistances to villages of Doraihimi district," Houthi-appointed local authorities claimed in a statement, "for the third time."
The decision to prevent food delivery was under "instructions from the aggression [Saudi-led] coalition's member states, which is a crime to be added to their crimes and persistent blockade on Doraihimi," the statement added.
This WFP's "shameful and shocking decision indicates that the UN organization goes in line and colludes with aggression states, to keep deepening the suffering of the district's people," Houthi authorities said.
No immediate comment has been issued by the food agency that previously accused the rebels of violating the relief work and diverting the aid supplies away from their intended course.

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