Yemeni Socotra governor vows STC with strict reaction

Socotra (Debriefer)
2020-04-12 | Since 1 Week

Socotra Governor Ramzi Mahroos

The Yemeni Socotra Governor has vowed to strictly deal with the "sowers of sedition and destabilizers of security."
Ramzi Mahroos remarks came during his visit to the special forces' camp on Sunday after the site was restored on Saturday from gunmen loyal to the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).
"These State-owned security facilities are there to protect the governorate and maintain its security, but not to guard rebellious persons or groups or to create chaos committed by special forces mutineers who just harmed themselves," Governor Mahroos said.
"Many of the special forces personnel refused to fuel infighting or to stir disorder for the sake of persons. Instead, they prioritized the public interest and announced their support for the legitimate leadership's decisions.
"Mutiny leaders incited special forces personnel to mutiny against the State's decisions and to assault authority seniors and their fellows," he added.
The Yemeni official army retook control of the special forces camp in Socotra island late on Saturday, after mutineers loyal to the Emirati-backed STC fled the site.
"A joint force of general security, military police and coastal defense was able to control the special forces camp in Socotra," said a local official.
"Rebels and gunmen of the STC fled the camp just before the joint force stormed into and took control of the site," he added.
On 18 February, STC mutineers seized control over the camp, following a decision by the interior minister sacking Colonel Hussein Shyief, the then commander of Socotra special forces.

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