2 people swept away, Many families evacuated due to torrential rains in Sana'a

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2020-04-14 | Since 1 Week

2 people sweeped away, Many families were evacuated due to torrential rains in Sana'a

Torrents poured into the capital, Sana'a, on Monday evening, leading to the loss of two people, house collapses, and shops being damaged, according to Yemeni sources.

On Monday, heavy rain fell on Sana'a and its surroundings, which lasted for several hours, which led to the flow of torrential rains from Wadi Al-Ajbar and Khaulan towards the capital whose streets were flooded with water and disrupted traffic.

The Houthi-run Yemeni News Agency (Saba), cited the director of the Seventy Directorate, Mohammad Al-Washali, as saying that the floods swept away two people and almost caused the sinking of an entire family in Al-Bathaa neighborhood, Qalfan neighborhood, and its members were transferred to the hospital.

The official added that family from Al-Bathaa neighborhood was rescued and transferred to a hospital in the capital, in addition to the evacuation of many families after the floods entered their homes in the neighborhoods of Qalfan, Al-Jarda, Al-Qadisiyah, Shumila and Hamraa Alab.

In the old city of Sana'a, a three-storey house in the Al-Dahab neighborhood collapsed, and a number of houses in the Sultan Garden and Bab Al-Sabah were damaged.

The director of the old Sana'a district, Ahmed Al-Samat, said that the local authorities evacuated dozens of families from their homes after the high water level in the liquid and damaged a number of neighborhoods.

According to Saba, the local authority in the Municipality of the capital instructed to provide shelter and relief assistance to the affected families, and to assess the damage caused by the torrents.

The Civil Defense Authority had warned earlier Monday evening that citizens should not approach flow places.

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