Houthis say overcame Saudi Arabia security, intelligence

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2020-04-14 | Since 1 Week

Abdul Karim al-Houthi

The Houthi recent operation "Made their Deeds Fruitless" is a security and intelligence win for the Yemeni people, the group said Monday.

The task is a security and intelligence defeat and great setback for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other coalition countries, the Houthi interior minister claimed.

"Security authorities had, before this operation, foiled many subversive plots all of which prove that security bodies have now great deal of responsibility and preparedness in disclosing the aggression plots," Abdul Karim Amiraddeen al-Houthi added in remarks carried by 'Ansar Allah' website.

"Despite the negative impacts left by the aggression and siege, this has served as an incentive for the interior ministry's leaders and security bodies to invent new solutions to detect crime."

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