Dialogue fails under siege fire: Houthi spokesman

Muscat (Debriefer)
2020-04-14 | Since 1 Week

Mohamed Abdul Salam

Aggression should be stopped and blockade should be lifted before any dialogue, the Houthis said Tuesday.
"Our Yemeni people's priority is to stop aggression and lift siege," the group's spokesman tweeted, so that "dialogue may be held in safe, quiet conditions."
"This can never be subject to prior discussion, as former trials proved the failure of any dialogue under blockade and fire, and our people won't accept the repetition of a failure," Mohamed Abdul Salam added.
The UN, UN Security Council and the internationally-recognized government have welcomed the Arab coalition's announcement of a 2-week ceasefire as of 9 April to give way for fighting the new coronavirus.
"The aggression never stops repeating everything silly, like claiming restraint and accusing us of committing violations, while they know that their alleged, misleading announcement of ceasefire has never taken place.
"They have rather escalated air strikes and land attacks," the Houthi official claimed.
"Thus, the aggression and blockade are continuous, and the Yemeni people has the right to challenge this with all possible means."

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