Court martial opens trial for Houthi leader, 147 others

2020-07-07 | Since 1 Month

MARIB (Debriefer)--A court martial from the third military command in Yemen's Marib province which is controlled by the internationally recognised government on Tuesday opened a trial for leader of the Houthi Group, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, and 174 others on charges topped by carrying out a coup against the state.
At the hearing, the military prosecution accused the defendants of forming a terrorist organisation known as Ansar Allah led by Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and overseen by Yahya Al-Shami and military commanders from Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This terrorist organisation acts on the basis of the divine right to rule and schemes to export Iranian revolution into Yemen.
The accusations included the defendants' use of tanks and violence to achieve their goals and carry out a coup on the republican system and constitutional institutions, putting the president of the republic under house arrest and then attempting to kill the president.
The defendants also established illegal relations with Iran to harm the status of the republic of Yemen and started promoting Takfiri thoughts, violating the texts of Quran, constitution and effective laws, the military prosecution said. They spied for and supplied Iran with information harming Yemen's and Gulf security in return for strategic weapons, and has sought to harm the national unity and disintegrate Yemen, it continued.
A week ago, a Houthi court martial started a trial for 75 government military leaders and officials on charges of treason and facilitating the entry of the enemy into Yemen.
In March, the Houthi specialised penal court in the capital Sanaa issued death sentences against 19 officials and leaders in the government, including vice president Lt. Gen Ali Mohsen and defence minister Mohammed Al-Maqdishi, on charges of spying for an Arab military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and ordered to confiscate all their properties and assets.

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