Yemeni official belittles Houthi statements on overthrowing Marib

2020-07-14 | Since 4 Week

Riyadh (Debriefer) - The Yemeni internationally-recognized government information minister on Tuesday dismissed statements released by some Houthi leaders on Marib city as "desperate attempt".
"What the Houthi group failed to obtain in its best times, it won't achieve now after it has run out of its human and ordnance reserves and all its plots and attempts to conciliate or neutralize Marib tribes," Moammar al-Eryani added on Twitter.
It is this condition that has pushed the group to "declare tribal mobilization and deceive the modest people whom it sends to death furnaces in service of Iran regime's ambitions and subversive agenda in the region.
"I assure everyone that Marib is well and unreachable by the Houthi aggression thanks to steadiness and sacrifices of army heroes and Marib's noble tribesmen.
"The nearest point to the militias is 100 kilometers away from the city, in all frontlines, and 40 kilometers in Sirwah frontline where they have made no advance throughout 4 years," the Yemeni minister claimed.
Last Sunday, the Houthi group said its forces are at a "throw-range distance from Marib overthrow".

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