A Yemeni student files a complaint with King of Morocco

(Debriefer) By : Abdulsalam Alsoudi
2020-01-23 | Since 8 Month

The Yemeni student, Mokbel Amer Mokbel Hassan, filed a complaint with His Majesty King Mohammed bin Hassan II, King of the Kingdom of Morocco, because of his fall in the first year of the institute specialized in applied technology, Ajurai, Meknes, after it became clear to him that there was a conspiracy woven against him, deliberately targeting him, and his harassment led in its entirety to not complete Procedures for registering him in the master's corps, not to mention the presence of a certain group inviting him to engage in immoral acts and harassing him during his studies from the stage of the specialized technician to the stage of professional leave ..

He explained that these events are successive, starting with the similarity of the rate (having a rate similar to the comma in the first and second year of a specialized technical diploma) and they experienced the fall of his only grant from among his colleagues in the dispatch decision in that period and until his pursuit by an unknown person in the city of Muhammadiyah.

This comes after he was threatened by a student of an extremist group, he said in the complaint.

 When he decided to go to the security, judicial, and legal authorities, he moved from one institution to another without success and tried to resettle to another country, as he was an asylum seeker in Morocco, and unfortunately his request did not receive attention.

Moqbel confirmed that he had summoned the intelligence services in Morocco to hear the previous events in parallel with people who used to call him racist names and called him a Jew near the neighborhood in which he lived (Hay Al-Masirah - Rabat). Indeed, the representative of the Moroccan Intelligence Service came and took him a personal photo and pictures of complaints with his phone, then this person contacted the student to meet him personally about a week later and took pictures of the complaints again and promised to respond from the Ministry of National Education, but without a response so that this student finds himself in front of the difficult life obstacle and harassment Without fairness and no response from the institutions, even though one of these complaints is sent to the Royal Court.

At the end of his speech, the Yemeni student appealed to all concerned human rights associations and press institutions to deliver his complaint to His Majesty for his fairness in terms of injustice, false promises and delays from the State Intelligence Service interested in foreign affairs, and to help him correct his situation and register him as one of the outstanding students who received a grant Cultural exchange..

It is noteworthy that the Yemeni embassy in Morocco did not move a finger in the case of the student after the registration procedures were delayed and he returned to his wounded country without completing his studies in this unfortunate situation after a financial loss estimated at eight thousand dollars or more from the return of the invalid year at the beginning of the study and the transition between institutions after lastyear ..

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