UNICEF expands response programs to face coronavirus in Yemen

Sana'a (Debrefer)
2020-04-19 | Since 1 Week

Yemen's more vulnerable communities fight many outbreaks

UNICEF is scaling up initiatives across Yemen "to provide families and their communities with the necessities needed to protect themselves against the spread of COVID-19," the UN child organization said Sunday in a statement.
"Any spread of COVID-19 in Yemen could be devastating for the vulnerable communities that UNICEF are already working to serve," it warned.
"With a health system on the brink of collapse and many health worker going without salaries for years, it is already difficult for many families to access the healthcare they need to survive.
"At the same time, vulnerable communities are also grappling with dengue and cholera / AWD outbreaks, food insecurity and economic crisis.
"To respond and reduce the additional impact that COVID-19 could have in communities, UNICEF are scaling up preparedness and response programs across the country," the statement read.
Until Sunday morning, a single coronavirus has been confirmed in the war-torn country, namely in al-Shahr city of western Hadhramout governorate.
International aid groups warn against grave repercussions if COVID-19 spreads in Yemen, where the health system is very weak following the 5-year war.

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