Houthis say captured tens of Yemeni troops in Marib, Dhalea

Sana'a (Debrefer)
2020-04-29 | Since 2 Week

Yahiya Sarie

Houthis have captured many troops of the Yemeni internationally-recognized government, the group said Tuesday, after fighting in the northeastern governorate of Marib and southern governorate of Dhalea.
"Our forces fended off two massive advances that lasted from morning to noon in Marib and Dhalea," Houthi military spokesman tweeted.
"The enemy was inflicted gross losses in lives and ordnance, without making any advance, while tens of them were captured and variety of weapons were seized," Yahiya Sarie added.
"The Saudi-American aggression aircraft launched 16 airstrikes.. including 10 on Sirwah in Marib, 4 on Khab & al-Sha'af in al-Jawf and 2 raids on al-Malaheez in Sa'ada governorate."
Earlier on Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthi group of committing 151 violations of the declared ceasefire in 48 hours.
The coalition "exercises the maximum self-control in engagement rules, with the right to legitimate response in self-defense cases at fighting fronts," it added in a statement.
Last Friday, the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen announced a one-month extension for the unilateral ceasefire in the war-torn country, as of Thursday 23 April.

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