Joint forces warn Houthis, hold int'l team responsible for officer al-Sulaihi killing in Hodeidah

Hodeidah (Debriefer)
2020-04-20 | Since 1 Week

Colonel Mohammed Abdulrab Al-Sulaihi

The joint forces of the Yemeni internationally recognized Yemeni government said on Sunday that they will not stand idly by over the lack of commitment of the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) to the ceasefire agreement in the Hodeidah governorate in western Yemen, warning the Houthis from the "consequences of continuing to violate the ceasefire".

In a statement, the joint forces mourn Colonel Mohammed Abd al-Rab al-Sulaihi, a liaison officer for them in the ceasefire oversight committees in the city of Hodeidah, "who died as a result of his injury by a Houthi sniper shot last March 11, at the fifth point of attachment inside Hodeidah while performing his duty under the United Nations flag."

The joint forces held the "UN team and the international mission to support the implementation of the Hodeidah agreement responsible for the attack, which would not have occurred without this dubious silence regarding the Houthi crimes."

It called on the United Nations to assume its responsibilities towards implementing the Hodeidah Agreement, or to acknowledge its inability to do so.

"The killing of Colonel al-Sulaihi by the Houthis is a war crime according to international laws.", the statement of the joint forces reads.

"The systematic targeting of representatives of the joint forces, a clear insistence of the Houthis to reject any steps leading to real peace in Hodeidah.", the statement affirmed.

The joint forces said that the United Nations "must fulfill its responsibilities in implementing the Sweden agreement, or declare its deficit, which was confirmed in the crime of targeting Al-Sulaihi and avoids her duty to protect workers within her team."


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