Yemeni official army retakes strategic sites in Dhalea

Dhalea (Debriefer)
2020-04-20 | Since 1 Week

Yemeni govt army retakes strategic sites in Fakher area, Dhalea

The Yemeni official army has retaken many strategic sites in Qataba district in the southern governorate of Dhalea, the UN-recognized government said Monday.
Military operations left scores of Houthi fighters killed or injured, the Dhalea front's media center said on Facebook.
Backed by "the southern resistance", the government forces seized al-Kharaza, al-Qarha and northern parts of Habeel al-Ibdi village in al-Fakher area, north Qataba, it added.
The official army is "approaching to take control of the strategic al-Hasahis camp and the main road separating Qataba district (in Dhalea) and al-Nadira district (in Ibb), which means the Houthi supply route would be blocked.
"The artillery force is shelling the Houthi sites and reinforcements in many northern and western parts of al-Fakher," the center added.

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