Houthis Defense Minister: We reached final stages of re-readiness and development of air defenses

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2019-06-02 | Since 4 Month

Major General Mohammed Al-Atefi, Minister of Defense in the Houthi government in Sana'a

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية  

The Minister of Defense in the government of the Houthis group (Ansar Allah) in Sana'a, Major General Mohammed Al-Atefi on Saturday that his forces are in the final phase of the re-readiness and development and manufacture of air defenses to address the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab coalition to support "legitimacy" in Yemen.

Brigade Al-Atefi said during his heading on Saturday in the capital Sana'a a meeting of the committee to prepare the "military doctrine" of his forces "the Yemeni military industries are moving ahead with their advanced technological and technological achievements in line with the requirements of defending the sovereignty, unity and independence of Yemen.

He added: "We have developed and manufactured missiles, offensive drones and a lot of weapons, and we are in the final stages of re-preparing, developing and manufacturing various air defenses," 

Yemen has been battered by a five-year armed conflict between the internationally recognised government backed by the Saudi-led coalition and the Iran-backed Houthis. The Houthis have been controlling the capital Sanaa and large parts of most densely populated northern, middle and western regions since they ousted the government in late 2014.

According to the defense minister of the Houthi government, Houthi-run Saba news agency reported that his forces carried out under the supervision of the United Nations implemented the first phase of the redeployment from three ports in the province of Hodeida west of the country, Hodeida, Salif and Ras Isa, unilaterally, despite the high readiness of his forces to defend the city of Hodeida for decades.

The Houthi Defense Minister concluded by saying his forces "have now taken the lead in directing the painful and shattering attacks in depth of the enemy territory and its vital installations."

Houthis sporadically send ballistic missiles on Saudi territory "in reply to coalition airstrikes that target Yemeni civilians and infrastructure," while Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of providing Houthis with such missiles.

Houthis said they have a "bank of 300 vital targets in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates" leading the coalition in support of the internationally-recognized government of President Hadi.

Among the 300 targets are vital military sites and facilities in KSA and UAE, and coalition bases in Yemen, said a Houthimilitary source.

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