STC vice-chairman calls for Yemeni gov't not living on war

Abu Dhabi (Debriefer)
2020-05-01 | Since 2 Week

Hani Bin Boraik

The Southern Transitional Council's (STC's) declared state of emergency and self-rule in south of Yemen should not cause concerns, the STC vice-chairman said Thursday in response to international criticisms against the STC's move.
"We welcome all the statements released by friend countries," Hani Bin Boraik added on Twitter, assuring that "saving our people from perdition should not be a source of worries."
The separatist leader called for helping the STC to apply the Riyadh Agreement, and accused the UN-backed government of evading the deal's implementation.
He also called for immediate deployment of all the Yemeni "forces in the face of Houthis, al-Qaeda and Daesh, and formation of a new pure government that doesn't live on war."
Saturday midnight, the Emirati-backed STC announced state of emergency and autonomy in Aden and other southern provinces, effective from Sunday dawn.
The move has been rejected by the UN, UN Security Council, EU, Arab League, GCC, Islamic Cooperation Organization and Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, stressing the need for the Riyadh deal application.
The Yemeni official government held the STC responsible for undermining the Riyadh pact and peace process, following the "blatant rebellion against the legitimate government and the coup against Riyadh Agreement."

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