Yemeni premier: Houthi missiles threaten two million IDPs in Marib

2021-03-02 | Since 1 Month

Maeen Abdulmalek

Aden (Debriefer) - Two million internally displaced persons in Marib are threatened by the Houthi ballistic missiles targeting the Yemeni northeastern city, official prime minister said Monday.
The world's countries are called to stand by Yemen and provide its people with humanitarian support, Maeen Abdulmalek added at a virtual donor conference for Yemen.
The PM accused the Houthi group of firing ballistic missiles and other projectiles at residential quarters and IDP camps in Marib city that hosts two million IDPs.
In participation with Switzerland and Sweden, the UN is organizing a pledging conference to raise US$ 3.85 billion and, thus, prevent massive famine in the war-torn country.
The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, urged representatives for nearly one hundred countries and aid agencies to generously donate in order to avoid famine in Yemen.

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