Yemen's Hadi skilled in abandoning honest men: Ex-minister

2021-04-12 | Since 1 Year

Saleh al-Jabwani

Cairo (Debriefer) - The Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi is skilled in forsaking men who stood with him and defended the Yemeni legitimacy, Yemen's former minister of transportation tweeted on Sunday.
It is time to abandon Sheikh Ahmed al-Eisi, deputy director of the President's office for economic affairs, Saleh al-Jabwani added.
If he kept forsaking his real allies in the battle of restoring the republic, Hadi would find himself alone, without any strong honest men excepting his sons, Jabwani warned.
Sheikh Eisi had great help in supporting the southern resistance with funds, food and arms to liberate Aden from Houthi seizure, when State leaders neglected their duty and fled abroad, the ex-minister said.
Earlier at TV program, Jabwani talked about arrangements to announce a new political entity including former interior minister Ahmed al-Maysari, Parliament deputy speaker Abdul Aziz Jubari, Sheikh Eisi and other southern and northern celebrities.

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