70000 Yemenis affected by heavy rains in 10 provinces

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2019-06-13 | Since 1 Year

إضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

It is estimated that rains and floods in recent weeks have affected close to 70,000 Yemenis, including internally displaced people, in over 10 governorates, said the United Nations Wednesday.

The northern governorate of Hajjah is the most affected governorate, according to a report issued by the UN Office for Coordinating Human Affairs (OCHA).

Humanitarian groups are working to double efforts to help the needy by providing accommodation and household supplies, added the report.

Heavy rains intensively fell in recent weeks, leading to sharp increase in number of families affected by sudden floods that also left damage in infrastructure.

"As of 10 June, the Executive Unit for IDPs rapid assessment identified more than 3,000 displaced families (18,000 people) in Aden, Lahj, Taiz and Hadhramout affected by heavy rain and flooding between 7 and 9 June.

"Approximately 1,321 displaced families (about 8,000 people) have been affected in 12 areas of Aden City.

"The rains have also affected 1,385 displaced families (8,310 people) in four sites in Tuban District in Lahj Governorate, 315 families (1,890 people) at five sites in Ash Shamayatyn and Al Maafer districts in Taiz, 149 families (894 people) in several sites in As Shihr, Al Mukalla and Al Abr districts in Hadhramout, and 243 families (about 1,500 people) in IDP settlements in Al Quds village, Khanfir District in Abyan."

The report also quoted Sana'a authorities as saying more than 8,300 families (some 50,000 people) have been left insolvent while in desperate need for accommodation and food and non-food supplies in six governorates: Ibb, Bayda, Jawf, Hajjah, Dhamar and Ryma.

In Hajjah, more than 8,000 families (about 48,000 people) have been affected, authorities said.

Data from partners on the ground say more than 500 hosting families (1,500 people) and 3,200displaced families (19,200 people) have been affected in Abs and Khairan districts, said the report. However, partners have not been allowed to assess the situation in 30 out of 68 sites located in the two districts for absence of access permission.

The UN has warned that floods could increase the spread of diseases across Yemen, as 293 of the country's 333 districts are already affected by cholera.

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