Yemeni official army squashes three Houthi battalions

Marib (Debriefer)
2020-04-25 | Since 2 Week

Yemeni internationally-recognized government troops

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government said on Saturday its troops defeated three Houthi battalions in Sirwah district, in the northeastern governorate of Marib.
This comes after the Saudi-led coalition declared a one-month extension of the two-week unilateral ceasefire, although no fire has been ceased in the previous period with parties trading blames for violations.
During last week the official army has foiled large-scale attacks by Houthis and inflicted their fighters huge losses in lives and ordnance, the government quoted Sirwah front commander as saying.
"The Houthis pushed their elements into the far left of Sirwah front, between Sirwah and Bani Dhabian, which is not a part of operational scene, in an attempted circumvent," Ahmed Abu Osba'a added.
"The army troops and tribesmen thwarted an assault plotted by Houthis in south Sirwah, following a close tailing the group's moves throughout the past period in the area, until they launched the attack.
"The fighting left three Houthi battalions routed, after they had spent two months preparing for this battle," the commander claimed.
"This Houthi-plotted offensive was the main course and strength card on which the group had long depended to make a breakthrough towards Marib city, but all their attempts have failed" so far.

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