US says Houthis deny access to aid in Yemen

Washington (Debriefer)
2020-05-02 | Since 4 Week

Food assistances for Yemen, archive

Assistant to the US Foreign Secretary for Near Eastern affairs on Friday accused the Houthi group of preventing humanitarian assistances from arriving in Yemen.
Houthis deny access of humanitarian assistances to Yemen, David Schenker told Sky News Arabic.
He called on the group to make concessions "if they want to end war in Yemen."
The Iranian-backed Houthis rejected UN initiatives to cease fire in Yemen and devote efforts in the face of COVID-19.
Last Wednesday, the World Food Program said its operations in Yemen face acute shortage in funding, as it works in a very difficult environment in Houthi-held areas.
The WFP currently has no option but to cut food assistances by half to avoid complete halt in the future, the UN program added in a statement.
The WFP called on the Houthis to respect agreements and apply trust measures needed for funding and complete operations to be resumed so that it can respond to urgent needs in the war-torn country.

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