SAM-Organization calls on int'l community to move quickly to save Yemen from real disaster

Geneva (Debriefer)
2020-05-26 | Since 3 Week

SAM-Organization says that the Houthis have turned the Corona pandemic in their areas of control into a security file

The SAM-Organization for Rights and Freedoms called on the international community to move quickly and urgently to save Yemen from a real disaster that could turn the country into a hotbed of dangerous wave due to the Corona pandemic.

The Geneva-based organization called, in a statement, the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) to deal with the Corona virus pandemic file with legal and moral responsibility and to announce the numbers of infections.

The organization said that the Corona pandemic had turned in the Houthi-controlled areas into a security dossier, as the group gave its security services the power to track, arrest, report and quarantine away from health institutions, which posed human rights concerns.

It pointed out that the true number of infections in Corona exceeds hundreds and possibly thousands, while the deaths may reach hundreds, as a number of hospitals in Sana'a and Ibb provinces have turned into centers for virus diseases and are surrounded by unprecedented security measures.

The organization stated that the competent authorities in Aden recorded 1,343 deaths since May 1, while the number of injuries is increasing in light of a clear deficit in health capabilities and an almost complete collapse of the ambulance and emergency system.

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