Army will respond against any sabotage acts, Hadhramaut' governor warns

Hadhramaut (Debriefer)
2020-05-05 | Since 1 Day

Night shot of Mukalla - Debriefer

The governor of Hadhramaut province, Major General Faraj Al-Bohsoni, announced that a large military force from the army and security units will move on Monday evening to the streets of the province in order to maintain security and prevent any riots that may occur.

Al-Bohsoni confirmed to the local "Al-Mukalla" radio that there is confirmed and recorded intelligence information stating that parties hostile to the security and stability of Hadhramaut want to take advantage of the disembarkation of some elements to demonstrate for sabotage.

Al-Bohsoni met the leaders of the "UAE-backed" southern transitional council (STC) yesterday, days after the council declared "a state of emergency" and "self-rule" of the southern cities and the Yemeni interim capital, Aden.

The governorates of Hadhramaut, Al-Mahrah, Shabwa, Abyan, Lahj and Socotra announced their rejection of the STC's statement and its adherence to the legitimacy of the internationally recognized President Hadi.

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