Yemeni gov't-Houthi exchanged shelling leaves casualties in Taiz

Taiz - Debrefer
2020-05-18 | Since 1 Week

Clashes between the Yemeni government forces and Houthis in Taiz

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government and Houthi group on Sunday said their respective forces fended off attacks launched by each other, leaving casualties in the southwestern city of Taiz.
Houthi forces repelled two massive advances carried out by the official army from four courses towards Han Mont in al-Dhabab and Bair Pasha, to the west of Taiz city, a military source of the group told the Houthi-run al-Masyra TV.
"A great deal of mercenaries were killed or injured in the two attacks that lasted several hours," the anonymous source added.
According to the government account, fierce battles erupted at the early dawn in Han Mont and nearby Hanash Valley.
"The army fended off an assault by [Houthi] militias," spokesman for government forces in Tais said on Facebook, as the army "is leading a counterattack to silent fire sources and secure the flashpoint area."
More than six "Houthi troops were killed and 10 other injured, in addition to the destruction of weaponry. Two of our troops were killed and three injured," Colonel Abdul Basit al-Bahr added.
Control over the most populated governorate is divided between the official government and the Houthi group that has been besieging the city at its eastern part since 2015.

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